Outra maripapoila / Another Maripapoila

I only take credit for what I make so just to be clear, I don't have any photos on flikr and I don't use twitter, tweeter, or what's its name...Those are someone else's things :)

Eu só recebo os louros daquilo que faço por isso, só para esclarecer, eu não tenho fotos no flikr e não uso o twitter...essas coisas são de outra pessoa. :)

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Cooking Fine disse...

Good post.

math_hild'spost disse...

Thank you! I have been thinking about changing the name of the blog lately, but it is difficult to find one that I identify with...Because my mom called me that when I was little, it was the name of an old portuguese film character...I have a picture of the exact day my mom called me that, I had put on the kind of clothes that character used to wear. The name " maripapoila" could be translated to english as "mary poppy", Poppy is also one of my favourite flowers because it's red.